A Cafe That’s More Than Just Food: Wilder


Pronounced as Will-der (taken from the word Wilder-ness), Wilder is housed in a corner of a beautiful conservation shophouse. We are a casual, homely space with homemade comfort food made with love where on occasions hearty conversations happen over a meal shared.


From the beginning of this journey, we always believe that Wilder is more than just food – it is about building a community. Our lady boss, Chef-Owner of Wilder, emphasizes and believes in doing what we can to minimize our waste. This includes our own initiative called “Say No to Plastic” where we completely removed the option of using plastic straws, and when you bring your own tumbler or food container, we give out discounts. We are happy to collaborate and come together with Zero Waste Singapore on their BYO campaign with the hope of more people out there to embrace and share the vision, working towards a bigger goal.

Wilder will be offering $0.20 off drinks and food when you Bring Your Own cup or container, but for the month of October, the discount will be $1.00. Be sure not to miss out!

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