How to BYO

BYO Etiquette
  • Try to bring a reusable container, bottle, cup or bag that is similar in size to the disposable ones the retail outlet is using.
  • Consider bringing as many reusable items as your daily bag allows!
  • Smile and be polite while requesting to use your own container/bottle/bag.
  • Let the staff know that this is for the environment as disposables are not eco-friendly.
  • Try not to take up too much time especially during peak hours.
  • If the retail staff accepts your request, thank them sincerely.
  • If the request is declined, take it easy and be understanding.

Bottles, Tumblers & Cups
  • Stainless steel / Aluminium (approx 500ml): Good for cold & hot drinks
  • Glass: Mason jars work too, but are heavier.
  • Plastic: Avoid especially for hot drinks.
  • Tip: Sometimes staff use disposable cups for measurements and throw it out. We can remind them to use a reusable measurement cup or to reuse the disposable cup.

Takeaway Containers & Lunchboxes
  • Stainless steel: Good, but is not microwaveable.
  • Glass: Good, but may break.
  • Plastic: Lighter to carry, but harder to wash when oily and could retain smell.
  • Tip: If your workplace serves food with disposables, try bringing your own reusable lunchbox and utensils.

Reusable Bags
  • Canvas: Good and long-lasting!
  • Plastic: Try to reuse as much as possible instead of taking new ones.
  • Tip: Place 1-2 folded reusable bags in your daily bag. Offer your excess reusable bags to others who do not have them, and remind them to reuse.

Cutlery, Utensils & Straws
  • Bamboo, stainless steel and glass: Great for cold drinks. Wash and dry them immediately after use.
  • Tip: If you love bubble tea, get a jumbo straw!
Reusable Cutlery, Utensils and Straws