German Sausage Kiosk in SG? Erich’s Wuerstelstand

We are officially one month in to the BYO Campaign! We hope more of you and your friends have been making the effort to Bring Your Own reusable wherever you go! Especially when there are so many retailers who are supportive of your efforts. One such retailer is Erich’s WUERSTELSTAND.

Erich serving a group of school boys who seem to be enthusiastic regulars

Erich’s WUERSTELSTAND was founded in 2004 within the vibrant setting of the Night Market concept in Chinatown. Providing original Austrian and German fare to a customer base from all walks of life. In 2017, the location has changed to residential area Dover within the vicinity of schools and Universities.

Wuerstelstand’s $6.50 set: Grilled German smoked pork sausage with mashed potato and sauerkraut

Dealing with a large number of take-away orders, it always was a priority for the WUERSTELSTAND to produce as little packaging waste as possible. German Sausages including the ever famous Currywurst, best eaten on the go as a snack in between, however it leaves a trail of trash behind. The aim to reduce waste has been a top priority for the operation since the very beginning. By now, WUERSTELSTAND has reduced the usage of plastics by 80% and uses a minimal amount of non-degradable ware, only where it is absolutely necessary! With the new location, another aspect has been added to the business model: the education of residential customers to reduce waste by bringing your own container.

No plastic bags, only “courtesy” bags for those who need one!


Erich is such a firm supporter that you will get a selfie with him when you BYO, he even has a whole album of such photos! Just his way of encouraging his customers to keep up the habit. He even runs a Facebook page that encourages the trading and recycling of items such as glass jars and containers. He also mentioned how he enjoys building a bond with the community on the external topic of reducing waste, way beyond the usual buyer-seller interaction. Head down with your own container to get a $0.50 discount and to make a new friend, Mr Erich!







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