Bring Your Own Bag 2023

Choose Reusables, Not Disposables

About the Campaign

Zero waste concept with copy space. Woman holding cotton shopper and reusable mesh shopping bags with vegetables, products. Eco friendly mesh shopper. Zero waste, plastic free concept

The BYOB campaign’s second run will begin on February 11. Over the course of 24 days, it will take place at 8 unique venues on 8 chosen weekends.

The campaign’s goal is to encourage Singaporeans to adopt the sustainable habit of using reusable bags rather than single-use ones.

As part of our campaign, Zero Waste SG is urging all Singaporeans to share any extra reusable bags they may have lying around the house. Feel free to drop these extra bags off at any of our mobile collection points so that other grocery shoppers can use them and begin using fewer plastic bags to spread the message “Choose Reusables, Not Disposables.”




Plastics are among the top 3 waste types we generate as a nation, a staggering 949.3 million kilograms. However, in 2018, we only recycled 4% of all plastic waste. This makes plastics the no. 1 waste we disposed of as a nation. In 2018, about 164.5 million kilograms of domestic waste were disposables, enough to fill about 300 Olympic-size swimming pools (Source: CNA).

Singapore throws away 2,640 plastic bags every 3 seconds (Source: CNA) and takes a whopping 820 million plastic bags from supermarkets alone (Source: SEC). Yet, about 60% of Singaporeans have more than 20 excess plastic bags at home (Source: Zero Waste SG). We hope to reduce Singapore’s excessive use of plastic bags by encouraging more people to BYOB when shopping at the supermarkets.

Plastic Bag


Here is a list of all the locations where the BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) Bag Rack will be active during the traveling roadshows.

There will be an opportunity for everyone to share their views on the use of Reusable Grocery Bags and for every interaction with BYOB Volunteers, you receive a small token of appreciation to remind you to “Choose Reusables, Not Disposables“.

Support the drive to make Singapore a true Zero Waste Nation, only as one we can achieve.


No Date Onsite Operation Hours Location
1 11 – 13 Feb Sat & Sun (10am to 6pm)
Mon (12pm to 8pm)
FairPrice (Kallang Wave Mall)
2 18 – 20 Feb Sat & Sun (10am to 6pm)
Mon (12pm to 8pm)
Giant (IMM)
3 25 – 27 Feb Sat & Sun (10am to 6pm)
Mon (12pm to 8pm)
Cold Storage Fresh (Tanglin)
4 04 – 06 Mar Sat & Sun (10am to 6pm)
Mon (12pm to 8pm)
Sheng Shiong (Serangoon North Ave 5)
5 24 – 26 Mar Fri (12pm to 8pm)
Sat & Sun (10am to 6pm)
Cold Storage (Kallang Leisure Park)
6 31 Mar – 02 Apr Fri (12pm to 8pm)
Sat & Sun (10am to 6pm)
Giant (Tampines North Dr. 2)
7 14 – 16 Apr Fri (12pm to 8pm)
Sat & Sun (10am to 6pm)
Sheng Shiong (Clementi West Ave 2)
8 28 – 30 Apr Fri (12pm to 8pm)
Sat & Sun (10am to 6pm)
FairPrice (City Square Mall)