SOD Cafe: Packed With A Healthy Punch!

Located in Ci Yuan Community Centre, SOD Cafe provides a cosy, homely and laid-back environment for heartlanders and all Singaporeans to enjoy our delicious and wholesome cafe food. FUN FACT: SOD actually stands for “Super Oxide Dismutase”, an important antioxidant defense in nearly all living things. It helps to remove toxins, prevent and neutralise various types of free radicals that damage our body. Plus, it’s enriched with minerals, caffeine-free, 100% natural and also boosts our immune system.


Satisfy your cravings with SOD Cafe’s healthy bubble tea packed with anti-oxidants from their SOD tea!



Our café wants to play our small role in saving the environment and reducing waste. As such, we only provide plastic bags for takeaway should customers request for them – encouraging them to hold their bubble tea without a carrier or place their takeaway meal in one of their other bags. We hope to spread our message of reducing waste, one customer at a time. From today to 31 Dec 2017, SOD Cafe will provide a 50 cents discount to all drinks when customers bring their own cup, bottle or tumbler and a $1 discount to all food items when customers bring their own container! Discount only applies for takeaways and at Ci Yuan CC.

At SOD Café, you can be sure to have something made from our hearts with our wide array of selections in our menu – from our quality coffee blend and classic starters to our signature mains, before ending with our freshly baked cakes. Head on down to our café and enjoy good food, value for money!

Check out their website to learn more about their story and LOOK, they gave BYO Singapore a shoutout on their Facebook Page as well! Not only can you enjoy a healthy meal, set in a chill cafe vibe, the food looks really good as well. Follow them on their Instagram account that will be sure to trigger a new-found craving!

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