Bring Your Own Container


19 Dec 2020 – 28 Feb 2021

About this campaign

83% of people eat at or buy takeaways from hawker centres at least once a week.

Source: NEA Perception Survey of Hawker Centre Patrons

The Bring Your Own Container campaign works together with hawker centres, the community and hawkers to work towards curbing the excessive use of our disposables.

According to a survey from Today Online, an extra 1,334 tonnes of plastic waste (92 double-decker buses), was generated from takeaway and delivery meals during the two-month circuit breaker period of stay-home curbs.

The campaign is centered around hawker centres as they are the heart of our towns.

The Triple Win Scenario

Save Money

For both patrons and hawkers.

Why pay the surcharge for the disposable if you can reuse a container over and over again?

Support Hawkers

Hawkers save money when they give out less materials. Even if they charge for containers, they only cover their cost value.

Save Resources

Eg. The time and energy to produce the disposables, transport & dispose, cleaning effort for the cleaners, environmental impact

What's been going on?

Thanks to our dedicated pool of volunteers, we’ve already conducted some pre-campaign outreach.

Hawker outreach

We’ve been stall-to-stall to meet hawkers to get their buy-in for the BYOC campaign and to understand how we can help with their challenges in shaping a BYOC culture.

Data collection

We’ve been physically counting the number of BYOC patrons and non-BYOC patrons at select stalls over the past few weeks.

Launch Day

With our host, Charlotte Mei, we rallied our friends across Singapore to bring their own in their neighbourhoods.

Senior Minister of State for Ministry of Sustainability and Environment, Dr Amy Khor, also joined us as Guest of Honour for a walkabout around Tiong Bahru Market to chat with patrons and encourage everyone to reduce their disposable usage. Watch the video by clicking on the image, or watch it here.

Our Partners

This campaign could not have been possible without the support of our Partners!


5 Locations
Every Saturday & Sunday
Roadshow Dates
9am – 12pm: Tiong Bahru Market
10am – 1pm: Clementi, Marine Parade Central, Kampung Admiralty & Our Tampines Hub

Note: There will be no roadshows on 13th and 14th Feb due to CNY festivities

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Lucky Draw

Join our lucky draw!

1  Dabao using your own reusables
2  Show a BYO ambassador
3  Join lucky draw to be rewarded with either:

  • An insulated lunch bag
  • $10/$20/$50 prepaid cash
  • Discount code for reusables


Marine Parade Our Tampines Hub Kampung Admiralty Clementi Tiong Bahru
17 Jan, 28 Feb, 10-1pm 2 Jan, 30 Jan, 10-1pm 9 Jan, 20 Feb, 10-1pm 3 Jan, 7 Feb, 10-1pm 23 Jan, 27 Feb, 9-12pm

Get Involved

BYO Reusables

Anywhere and everywhere!

Say NO

To excess disposables

Spread the word

Praise brands/shops who do BYO well, both virtually and in-person.

Get Featured

Caption your picture with one of our taglines and tag @byosingapore with #BYOCSG #BYOSG #BYO #reusables #SGUnited for a chance to be featured!


Show your support for the BYOC movement, wherever you are!

Use reusables. They are better
Use reusables. They look better
Use reusables. The food tastes better
Use reusables. They are healthier

#BYOCSG #BYOSG #BYO #reusables #SGUnited

To show your support for the campaign and to learn more about it, click here for more interesting downloadables that you can post on social media, or if you’re a business, in your stores. Remember to take a picture and tag us so we can share too!