What's BYO Singapore about?

In 2017, Zero Waste SG started the Bring Your Own (BYO) Singapore movement where 430 retail outlets offered incentives to customers who bring their own reusable bags, bottles or containers.

Together, we reduced over 2.5 million pieces of plastic disposables!

This year, the campaign features retailers, businesses and organisations who are Supporters of BYO Singapore. They encourage customers to bring their own reusable and/or refuse single-use disposables. Their efforts include incentives, disincentives or active customer education and engagement.

As of Sep 2020, we have 1,120 supporting outlets from 137 brands.

Find out who are our loyal supporters below and start to BYO!

Bakery Brera & Fine Foods

BYO container for 30¢ refund per cookie container returned, 50¢ off with minimum $10 purchase.

30¢ charge per disposable box, 10¢ charge per medium/large carrier. For $50 total spend and above, charges will be waived.

Crown Bakery & Cafe

BYO container / bag for 10¢ off total bill.

Keong Saik Bakery

BYO container for 50¢ off with min. purchase of $10.

Maison Kayser Singapore

10¢ charge per carrier bag.

Nassim Hill Bakery & Bistro

No plastic straws. Paper straws given only upon request.


Raintree Bakery & Coffee

BYO cup for 20¢ off each takeaway coffee, BYO container for 10¢ off each bread.

Plastic carrier only given upon request, packaging has handles for loaves so no extra bag needed.

The Muffinry by Bakery & Bar

Free reusable bag with minimum purchase of $18. 50¢ off when you bring the bag back, minimum purchase of $12.


Tiong Bahru Bakery


Cafe Melba

BYO cup for 50¢ off takeaway coffees.

Compostable straw only available upon request, switched to compostable packaging.

Carrotsticks & Cravings

BYO cup / container for $1 off coffee / meal.

Common Man Coffee Roasters

BYO cup / bottle for 10% off takeaway coffees.

Foreword Coffee

BYO cup / bottle for 10% off all drinks.

Joe & Dough

BYO cup / bottle for 50¢ off total bill.

Forty Hands

BYO cup / bottle for 10% off takeaway coffees.

Grounded by CMCR


Huggs Coffee

BYO bottles/tumblers when you purchase Huggs for 30¢ off drinks.

New Green Pasture Cafe

BYO container for 30¢ off total bill.


Nylon Coffee Roasters

BYO cup for 30¢ off any coffee.

Plain Vanilla

BYO cup for 50¢ off your drink.

BYO container for 5% off deli items

SOD Cafe

BYO cup / bottle for 50¢ off drinks, BYO container for $1 off all food.


The Bettr Coffee Bar

BYO cup for 30¢ off drinks. First drink free with any KeepCup purchased.

Straw-free, selling reusable stainless steel straws. Reusable cup sleeves – drop off boxes available at a number of our locations.

The Coffee Academics

BYO cup for 30¢ off. Straws to be phased out soon.


The Matcha Project

BYO cup / bottle for 50¢ off total bill.

The Providore

1 free takeaway coffee upon purchase of a Providore KeepCup, 10% off a takeaway coffee when you bring it back.

Applicable to all outlets except The Warehouse.

Verdure Cafe

BYO cup / bottle / container for 50¢ off total bill.

Well Dressed Salad Bar & Cafe

BYO cup / bottle container / bag for 50¢ to $1 off depending on type of reusable.

Kind Kones

BYO cup / container for 50¢ rebate. 20% zero waste special to reduce food waste. Switched to biodegradeable service items. receipts and takeaway packaging only offered upon request, i.e., carriers, ice packs, cutlery.

Mr Bean

BYO cup for 10¢ off total bill. Straw-free at selected locations.


BYO cup / bottle / straw for $1 off drinks.


BYO cup for 30¢ off total bill. 30¢ off M-size drink for choosing our recycled Pipakao bottles, while stocks last. Only applicable for cold drinks, no toppings and ice allowed. Sells stainless steel straw sets and cup carriers.



Encourages customers to skip straws and plastic bags for single item purchase.

Cold Storage

BYO bag to earn 10 bonus TapForMore points for PAssion Card Members with minimum $10 spent at any retail outlet.


BYO bag for 10¢ off with minimum $10 purchase at all retail outlets.

Implemented a Plastic Bag Management Programme.

Glow by SuperNature

BYO cup / bottle / container for 50¢ off total bill.


BYO bag to earn 10 bonus TapForMore points for PAssion Card Members with minimum $10 spent at any retail outlet.

Jones the Grocer

BYO cup / bottle for 50¢ off coffees & hot drinks.

Market Place by Jasons

BYO bag to earn 10 bonus TapForMore points for PAssion Card Members with minimum $10 spent at any retail outlet.

The Meat Club

Uses reusable chiller bags for their deliveries that members can return for recycling.

Aloha Poke

BYO container for an additional superfood worth $1.




BYO cup / container for 50¢ off total bill.


BQ Bar

Compostable straw available only upon request.

Switched to compostable packaging, recycles beer and spirits glass bottles.


Banned plastic bags, paper straws available only upon request.

Switched to recyclable / compostable packaging, compostable straw available only upon request.

Ding Dong



BYO container for 50¢ off with minimum purchase of $10.

Plastic bags available only upon request.

Extra Virgin Pizza


Food For Thought

BYO cup for 50¢ off takeaway drinks.

Food For Tots

BYO cup for 50¢ off takeaway drinks.


BYO container for 20¢ off total bill.

Cutlery made of recycled materials.

Guzman Y Gomez

Banned plastic straws, uses bagasse for all packaging.

Plastic bags available only upon request, charges to be implemented in the future.

Use of cornstarch / biodegradable tableware.

Happy Salad

BYO container for 2 free toppings.


Read about their straw-free efforts and journey here.


BYO container for 20¢ off each Zichar dish.

Kimly Dimsum, Kimly Mixed Vegetable Rice and Kimly Teochew Porridge is also part of the BYOC initiative. Available at all 29 outlets.


BYO cup for 50¢ off drinks.

10¢ charge for plastic bags, available only upon request.

Removed lids for cold drinks and plastic straws given out on request till stock depletes. Sells reusable items.

Molly Malone’s

Banned plastic bags.

Paper straws available only upon request, recycles glass beer and spirit bottles.

Switched to recyclable packaging.





Open Farm Community



BYO container for 50¢ off each Paddyfolks’ meal box purchase, not valid with other deals and promotions.

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BYO cup for 50¢ off drinks.

Plastic bags given only upon request. Lids removed for cold drinks and plastic straws given out on request till stock depletes.

Poke Theory

BYO container for free $1 Premium Topping on Poke Bowl (except lime avocado), or free drizzle/topping on Acai Bowl.


BYO cup for 50¢ off drinks. BYO container or order a plant-based meal for a free topping.

Free coconut water when you log 10 x BYO on the app. Working with Musse and barePack for container pick up options.

Thai Goldmine Kitchen

20¢ charge for straws and takeaway containers.

The Butcher’s Wife


The Exchange

BYO cup / bottle for 50¢ off takeaway coffee.

The Lokal

BYO cup / bottle / container for $1 off total bill.

The Rabbit Hole

BYO container for 2 free salad toppings.

The Social Space

Plastic straws & bags not offered.

Tippling Club


Toast Box

BYO cup for 10¢ off, T&Cs apply.

Urban Mix

BYO container for 50¢ off total bill.


Wheat Baumkuchen

BYO container for free topping worth $1.

Bamboo Straws Worldwide

An earth-minded lifestyle store focussed on a conscious way of living.

Books Actually

10% off total bill for all retail outlets

For the Love of Laundry

Replace disposable plastic covers with a reusable FTLOL garment bag at $5 each, which fits up to 6-8 items


10¢ charge for each plastic or paper bag at all stores in Singapore. Proceeds collected from the purchase of plastic or paper shopping bags will be donated to WWF Singapore’s PACT initiative.


All packaging made from recycled ocean waste plastic.


10¢ or 20¢ charge depending on size for every plastic or paper shopping bag at all stores

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My Naked Bar by Earth Defender

Promotes the swap from single-use hand/body plastic bottles/refill packs to all-natural cold process soaps handmade in Singapore. Soaps are bare of synthetic ingredients and packaging.

Pet Lovers Centre

10¢ charge for each biodegradable plastic bag, regardless of size. Recycles carton boxes for delivery and changed product packaging to become more environmentally friendly. Using LED lights in workspaces.


Live better with less. Specialising in Earth and self-loving products.

Pure Tincture Organic Beauty

10¢ charge for small paper bags, 20¢ for large ones.

Receipts are sent via emails and for online orders, orders are packed in recycled boxes (received from their suppliers).


A reusable silicone storage bag that’s better for you and the planet


World’s first shatterproof ceramic reusable cup – spill-proof lid, double wall insulation.

The Better Toy Store

50¢ off total bill with a minimum of $50 spent.

The Body Shop

10¢ charge for bags.
Read about their Kick The Bag Campaign.

The Green Collective

Singapore’s first collective retail brand of locally grown eco friendly brands.

The Willow Label

Bring your own bag to enjoy 10¢ off your purchase.

T2 Tea

$1 charge for retail bags.
As a B-Corp certified company, their bags are 100% recyclable, made from uncoated paper without any plastic lamination.

Ubu Swimwear

Swimwear made from recycled material. Minimal packaging for shipments, returns plastic packaging to suppliers to re-use. Supports 4Ocean.


Packaging-free grocery store in Singapore.

Woods in the Books

$1 charge for paper bags. Collects used paper bags for customers to reuse for their purchases.

Paper bags in good condition can be dropped off at stores in Tiong Bahru or Books Ahoy! on Orchard Road.

Your Sustainable Store

A Singapore-based online store created to make a wide range of curated, stylish and affordable sustainable products easily available.

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Zhai Eco Collection

Sustainable, vegan, natural fibres, environmentally and socially conscious apparels and accessories that do good for the Earth while keeping you comfortable, practical and stylish.

Accor Group

Largest hotel operator in Singapore with 15 hotels to date.


Provides tote bags, reusable containers and tumblers for employees to use when buying takeaway. Employees are encouraged to bring containers to takeaway left-over food to reduce food wastage. Shared pantry provides reusable mugs and utensils for food and beverages.


Elkay EZH2O Bottle Filling Station reduces consumer usage of single-use plastic bottles. Its Green Ticker displays how many plastic bottles have avoided landfills. Since 2010, EZH20 have saved approximately 7 billion plastic water bottles from landfills.

Gone Adventurin’

A business consultancy and program execution partner focused on driving the circular economy in Asia.

Grand Hyatt


Palate Sensations

BYO container for a free canvas bag (students only). Rubbish bins are plastic bag-free. Reusable glass and ceramic cups instead of disposable ones.


Eco Action Day is a national public awareness campaign organised by Ricoh since 2007, in partnership with key NGO, government, and private sector partners in Singapore. It is held on 5 June every year, to commemorate the United Nations Environment Programme’s World Environment Day.

Singapore Pools

Replaced disposables cups in office and provided reusable mugs.

Suntec Singapore


The Thread Theory

Practices BYO for take-outs, recycling in the office.
Minimises packaging waste, i.e. no Return Forms.
90-95% successful take-up to BYOB at their recent warehouse sale event

Ubisoft Singapore

Champions in entertainment and eco-certification empower all employees across the floor to reduce their carbon footprints at work, play and home. Its own environmental taskforce runs programs that encourage all staff to reduce the use of plastic disposables, such as plastic cutlery or bags. It also utilises recycling bins, renewable energy, and the implementation of studio-wide energy reductions.


Provides reusable containers for employees when they do lunch takeaways. Restaurants in the vicinity support by providing a discount when employees pack lunches in a reusable container. Staff shop within the office premises do not provide plastic bags and only sells reusable bags. In-house cafeteria only uses ceramic mugs for beverages (no plastic straws) and metal spoons for consuming ice-creams. Champions across each office floor advocate for reduction of single-use plastics amongst colleagues and friends. Office waste generation and recycling rates are tracked and published internally monthly.

Wildlife Reserves Singapore Group

BYO for free refill at the water dispensers. No plastic bags provided, straw-free at F&B outlets. Selling of reusable BYO options and active education on waste to public.


Helps Event Organisers make informed planning choices in reducing waste and single use disposables via a planning guide and case studies. Produced a research study supporting the move towards BYO in place of goodie bags at events.


barePack is a day to day solution for companies to make meals more sustainable and fight disposables. Working with the BYO Singapore campaign, we have a vision that we will all one day be zero-waste heroes.

Centre For A Responsible Future

Promoting plant-based diets for a greener, healthier and a more compassionate world.

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Earth Defender

Produces reusable grocery bags recycled out of PET1 bottles, to promote reduction of single-use waste.


Follows the international standard for event sustainability to reduce the negative impact of events on the environment and create a positive impact on people.

Green is the New Black

Your guide to discover the most conscious brands, events, experiences and people around Asia, and beyond, so that you can take back control of your choices and connect deeper with yourselves, others and mother nature.


On a journey to be more environmentally conscious as we figure out how to minimize waste in a way that makes sense for mass events.


Organises offline activities to raise action and awareness about the various environmental issues


Reducing single-use plastics with cup and box sharing program across Singapore.

One Less Straw

A campaign that strives to educate the public about the dangers of single use plastic straws, its effects on our health, environment and oceans.

Our Singapore Reefs

Promotes awareness about Singapore’s marine biodiversity.
Empowers the public with means to conserve and protect Singapore’s reefs by provide a platform for academics, businesses, NGOs and agencies to work together.

Purnama Outreach

Geared to make a meaningful and positive difference in the lives of women and children in Asia, by creating quality products that produce livelihood, education and environmentally conscious sustainable practices within these communities.

Seastainable Co.

Supports marine conservation in Singapore and the Philippines.

Singapore Youth for Climate Action

A community of young Singapore residents who come together with a common goal: to take climate action.


Straw Free Singapore

A youth-driven campaign to reduce the number of disposable plastic straws used in Singapore.

Straw Wars Singapore

No Plastic Straws Project by Purnama Outreach.



Lifestyle app for sustainable living in Singapore.
Get cashback rewards at businesses that care and collect points for green habits.

The Fashion Pulpit

Singapore’s first open space for swapping, upcycling, tailoring and learning fashion tricks. Only uses reusable bags from swappers. Donated paper and tote bags are available for swappers who forgot to bring their own.

The Final Straw

Works with Singaporean cafes and bars to reduce plastic waste by providing sustainable alternatives to plastic straws.

The Sustainability Project

Sustainable living made easy.

Tingkat Heroes

Committed to a more sustainable Singapore.

Youth Corps Singapore

As part of Youth Corps Singapore’s initiative to reduce the use of disposables in The Red Box, we have implemented green measures to refuse disposables from food caterers and encourage our youths to BYO.