Refreshing Cold-Pressed Juices: Squeezed! Metropolis

“We went for a beach clean up over the weekend and guess what was the most common item we picked up?” A regular customer asked one Mondaymorning. We were shocked to learn that it was plastic straws! 

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Over the next few days, what started as a simple conversation got deeper with more customers. We wanted to encourage customers to join us in reducing plastic wastage, and most of them were supportive whilst a handful remained skeptical. However it sealed the deal for them when we decided to offer $1 back when customers decide to have their drink without using straws, or when they bring their own cups. 

Tucked away in a quiet corner of two busy office towers at The Metropolis. Squeezed! is more than just a cold pressed juice bar. It is a collaborative space where a simple conversation often evolves into new ideas and projects. Started in 2015 with a simple menu of cold pressed juice and smoothies, it has since expanded to include speciality coffee, waffles, pizza, ice cream and more!


Squeezed! Metropolis is definitely a business that stands out with a passion and heart for the environment.  With a substantial $1 discount, in a bid to encourage their customers to cut down on one use plastic. Hats off to Squeezed! for their efforts! Do show your support by heading over to The Metropolis to enjoy a refreshing cold-pressed juice with your own cup or bottle (or choose to go without a straw, you get a discount too!); you may also purchase one of their BYO jars or reusable straws and start going green!

Address: 9 N Buona Vista Dr, The Metropolis, Singapore 138588



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Great! It seems to be a great place! I hope they open more outlets around the island!

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