A Vegetarian Cafe Sure To Not Disappoint: Well Dressed Salad Bar

Delicious Vegan Food That Is Sure To Convert You!

Well-dressed Salad Bar & Café is a vegetarian lifestyle cafe managed by Eight Treasures Vegetarian Group, who passionately believes that ‘meatless doesn’t mean tasteless’. Using the freshest greens, fruits and ingredients, we serve hearty and flavourful meatless creations crafted to delight.

Olive Rice Buddha Bowl, TEMPEHrature Curry Bowl, Hangry Jack Burrito Bowl.


Jar of Hearts: Chocolate Lime Yuzu, Earl Grey Mango Pistachio, Choco Avo Oreo Crunch

To vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, expect to enjoy our coffee at the cosy corner at the back, the air-con, the free Wi-Fi, the after-work beer, the post-gym meal, a place that knows your ‘usual’, the heart-to-heart talks with friends or just gossip with your favourite barista , and you’ll soon discover the joys of the before-, during- and after-meal experience.

Well Dressed Salad Bar believes that the beginning of positive change for our planet starts with us reducing our waste!

BYO coffee mugs and food containers when you do take-outs at WDSB! Get $0.50 to $1 (above $10) off for every BYO to each drink /food/ CAKES ordered!

“Come help us, help you, help our Planet! 🌏 Reduce, Reuse & Recycle as much as we can! Thank you @byosingapore for all the effort!”

Get $0.50-$1.00 discounts with every BYO container or drink bottles or cups!



Well Dressed Salad Bar’s Instagram and Facebook.

Address282 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058831


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